Oats, Peas, Beans, & Barley – Nov/Dec Journal

Oats, Pease, Beans, and Barley Grow. This simple, sing-song rhyme from long ago that describes the annual rhythms of growing grain, is easily remembered by adults who chanted it as children. When I was young, I had the idea that the last word in the title, “grow” was actually“groats.” Come to find out, it is a real word. Groats refers to any whole kernel of grain that has been minimally processed to remove the outer husk or hull, called the chaff. Groats are a whole grain that retains the germ and bran. Although this issue is about the four grains

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Anise Hyssop and the Agastaches – Jan/Feb Journal

With the advent of each New Year the herbal community celebrates a new Herb of the Year ™. In 2019 it is the turn of the Agastaches, and in particular, Anise Hyssop. In this issue of An Herbal Leaf, catch a glimpse of this elusive and relatively unknown herb.   Anise hyssop has an exhilarating anise scent and the flavor of the leaves and flowers also have an anise flavor. But did you know that there are many other herbs that also have anise and licorice profiles? Read about some of these other anise-like herbs in this issue as well

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